Zentrum für Datenverarbeitung (ZDV) (data center)

Remote access (VPN)

For remote access, a tunnel is set up from your own computer to the gateway. This checks your authorization using the login ID and password. After successful authentication, you will temporarily receive a university IP address that will be used during the session.


The remote access does not work from within the network of the university hospital.


Use the Microsoft SSTP already included with Windows.


Instructions (SSTP)


The configuration uses a Mobile Configuration profile:

Instructions (L2TP)

macOS (up to version 12)

macOS (version 13)

iOS / iPadOS

The configuration uses a Mobile Configuration profile:

Instructions (L2TP)


If it does not exist, install the network-manager-sstp package through your system's Package Manager. Then configure the connection via the Network Manager.

Instructions (SSTP)


up to version 11

Configure a PPTP connection through the network settings of your device.

from version 12

To be able to use VPN, you need an app (SSTP extension) from the Google Playstore, e.g. the open source app "Open SSTP Client" by Kobayashi Ittoku. This was successfully tested by ZDV employees in January 2022. Enter vpn.uni-tuebingen.de as the server.


Instructions (PPTP)

Android (up to version 11)