Zentrum für Datenverarbeitung (ZDV)

Remote access (VPN)

For remote access, a tunnel is set up from your own computer to the gateway. This checks your authorization using the login ID and password. After successful authentication, you will temporarily receive a university IP address that will be used during the session.


The remote access does not work from within the network of the university hospital.


Preferably use the Microsoft SSTP already included with Windows. If this is not possible for any reason, you can alternatively use the Cisco anyConnect client.


Instructions (SSTP)

MacOS and iOS

The configuration uses a Mobile Configuration profile:

Instructions (L2TP)

All other systems

Installation of Cisco anyConnect


Alternatively you can use OpenConnect. However, the ZDV can not provide any support for this.

Instructions (anyConnect)

Note for SPSS users with OS X (up to version 10.11)

To use the software SPSS with OS X, please use PPTP access.

Instructions (PPTP with OS X)