Zentrum für Datenverarbeitung (ZDV) (data center)

Wired access

Employees of the University of Tübingen can get wired access to the university's data network at their workplace for their workstation computer.


Prerequisite is a free connector at a network socket in the room where the computer is installed. If this physical network socket is missing, it must be installed first. For this, an application must be made to the central administration (not the ZDV!).

Please note that any necessary expansion of the network infrastructure may incur costs for your facility. Unless funding is covered by construction activities, the costs of active components (e.g. switches, routers) must be borne by the applicant organization.  The components are procured and installed by the ZDV, after presentation of a cost assumption statement from the respective facility.

The computer must be connected to the network socket with a suitable network cable. Network cables can be obtained from the procurement department.

Recommended procedure

Clearing of network outlets, assignment of IP addresses as well as changes and deletions can be made via the Network access portal.

Only employees of the university can access this portal.

Alternative procedure

The alternative procedure ist not possible for buildings with dynamic IP address assignment (DHCP).

If you cannot use the recommended procedure, it is possible to use paper applications to request the clearing of network sockets, assignment of IP addresses or changes and deletions.