Zentrum für Datenverarbeitung (ZDV) (data center)


The moodlePro offers a space for the active design of projects, conferences, training courses as well as individual internal issues (student council elections, etc.) and cross-organizational workshops. The usual moodle tools are available as well as activities for Zoom and BBB.

In addition to registering with your university login ID (Shibboleth), self-registration with an e-mail address can be used so that people from outside the university can also take part in course rooms.

The allocation of course rooms takes place after consultation. If you are interested, apply for a course room directly in moodlePro. Please provide the contact details under which the organizers of the desired course room can be reached.

moodlePro does not replace cloud storage and is not suitable for storing or archiving files.

If you need storage space for files, use the Microsoft 365 cloud or the file service.