Zentrum für Datenverarbeitung (ZDV) (data center)

IT support for research and teaching

Even after the end of the pandemic, we will continue to use the two proven construction kits:

  • The Working groups kit provides digital tools to ensure that teams can collaborate.
  • The Teaching kit can help you with finding and implementing alternatives to presence teaching.

Working group kit

  • VPN (Virtual Private Network):
    VPN gives you worldwide access to the internal university network and the associated services, especially when working from home.
  • Cloud service: The universal cloud service for sharing files and accessing files from different devices, including collaborative editing of Office documents is Microsoft 365.
  • Videoconferencing:
    All of these services can be accessed with an updated web browser, additional features may be available by installing software. A headset is recommended in all cases.
    • DFNconf: This is the official video conferencing tool provided by the German National Research and Education Network DFN (based on Pexip software).
    • Microsoft Teams: This part of Microsoft 365. You can use this software to create teams, invite attendees, hold video conferences, edit documents from Microsoft 365, chat, and more.
    • BigBlueButton: The ZDV also offers BigBlueButton since the winter semester 2020/21. The operation takes place via its own server and is therefore also suitable for use in exams, all data stays at the university. This service is also integrated into the Ilias and Moodle learning platforms.
    • Zoom: Due to the strong demand, zoom licenses are also provided for use in teaching; the allocation of licenses takes place via reports from the dean's offices. For urgent inquiries, please contact zoom-adminspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de. With the university zoom licenses (EDU) video conferences can be carried out with up to 300 participants and of any length. Special licenses for up to 500 participants are available for larger events.
      You can find detailed instructions in the Zoom Help Center. Please also note the Zoom Security Guide.
      Please also note the information on data protection for the use of video conferences in teaching.

Teaching kit

In close cooperation with the university library, university didactics and Department III, we offer several modules for digital teaching.

You will find a detailed list at

Some elements are:

  • timms: suitable courses for the current semester are being selected from the timms archive and supplemented with Ilias/moodle.
  • LectureCast: Selected events in the semester are broadcasted live with simplified production technology via timmscast for students. Access is via a special area in moodle.
  • Microsoft Teams: With this cloud platform you can quickly and easily create simple (but functional) as well as very sophisticated and professional courses.
  • Screen cast: The preparation of classical presentations including spoken elements and more, which will be broadcast in video formats via the learning platforms.
  • Use of open education resources in the learning platforms.
  • Special recommendations should be provided for videoconferencing in seminars.