Zentrum für Datenverarbeitung (ZDV)


Not enrolled students from Leibniz college

To use the ZDV services, you must provide this online application.

If you cannot access the online form, you may provide the according PDF from from this page.

Afterwards you will receive a pickup number. Please provide this together with a current identity card to the ZDV user administration. There you must sign your application and will recieve your data sheet with login ID and password.

Guest scientists

If you are supported by the Welcome Center, you will automatically receive an account and a university card through the Welcome Center.

Otherwise your host institution must supply the guest login ID and e-mail application. Only non-student members of the university are entitled to file this application. You will recieve your data sheet with login ID and password via the internal mail. They are valid for one year and can be prolonged with an informal writing by your host institution.

Your login ID can be deleted by this application.

Chargable ZDV services will be billed to your host institution.