Alfred J. Meixner Group

The group of A.J. Meixner has been working in the field of optical spectroscopy of single molecules, confocal and near-field optical microscopy, and high resolution laser spectroscopy for over 15 years. Over the last years, nano-optics, plasmonics, and life-cell imaging have been added. Current research topics are (1) tip enhanced and surface enhanced luminescence and Raman spectroscopy of molecular semiconductor films with a parabolic mirror microscope, (2) development of novel microscopic methods for the detection, spectroscopy, and manipulation of single quantum systems (single molecules, quantum dots, metal nanoparticles) by means of optical micro-resonators or plasmonic nanostructures, (3) confocal and near-field microscopy at cryogenic temperatures, (4) confocal microscopy and laser spectroscopy on living plant cells.

With regard to hν, close collaborations exist with the groups of M. Brecht (single molecule spectroscopy), F. Schreiber and T. Chassé (molecular films, semiconductors), and D. Kern / M. Fleischer (plasmonics, optical antenna systems). Within the core facility LISA+, additional strong links exist with the groups of J. Fortágh and C. Zimmermann (laser microscopy) as well as R. Kleiner and D. Kölle (spatially resolved spectroscopy of superconducting devices).