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Institut für Naturwissenschaftliche Archäologie (INA) Kolloquium

The lecture is held every Friday beginning at 10 c.t. and lasting until 12:00 in the Kupferbau (Holderlinstr. 5). Room HS 24.

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Winter 2019/2020

November 22

Jeremy DeSilva: First Steps: The evolution of the human foot.

Upright walking (bipedalism) is a unique human locomotion with deep evolutionary roots. Unsurprisingly then, our foot is modified to efficiently navigate the world on our legs. However the path and pace by which the human foot evolved has been unclear. In the last two decades, paleoanthropologists have quadrupled the foot fossil record, providing fresh new insight into foot evolution and revealing bipedal diversity in early hominins.

November 29

to be announced

December 6

Giovanni Cavallo

December 13

Tobias Sprafke

December 20

no talk, followed by the semester break from Dec 23 to Jan 6

January 10

to be announced

January 17

to be announced

January 24

Susanne Prillwitz

January 31

to be announced