Department of Geoscience

Subject area "Human Evolution and Palaeoenvironment"

At the University of Tübingen, nine working groups are involved in the topics of human evolution and paleoenvironmental research from the Mesozoic to modern times.
A combination of different methods used by the research areas (Early Prehistory and Quaternary ecology, Geoarchaeology, Paleoanthropology, Archeo- and Paleogenetics, Invertebrate Paleontology, Terrestrial Paleoclimatology, Biogeology, Micropaleontology, Vertebrate paleontology) contribute together to an improved understanding of the evolution of different ecosystems and organisms in the context of changing environmental conditions. A particular focus is the study of human evolution and the paleoenvironment.

The Eberhard Karls University Tübingen and the Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung cooperate in the "Senckenberg Center for Human Evolution and Palaeoenvironment "(HEP Tübingen, member of the Leibniz Association). The Senckenberg Centre HEP Tübingen currently has seven working groups dealing together with this topic.