Department of Geoscience

Research Theme: Environmental Geosciences

Water and soil are indispensible resources for life. Human activities and climate change have already had and will continue to have serious impacts on the water cycle and environmental quality. The research in environmental geosciences at the University of Tübingen comprehensively study anthropogenic impacts on the valuable georesources water and soil.

Selection of Research Topics in the Field of Environmental Geosciences

Analysis of the water cycle and impacts of climate change on water bodies and soils

Renewable energies (wind power, geothermics), power-to-gas technologies, and utilization of biological waste

Fate and behavior of contaminants in the environment and environmental assessment of chemicals

Development of (geo)physical and chemical measurement techniques in environmental systems, remote sensing

Investigations of soil erosion, landscape evolution, and impact of land-use change

Biogeochemical reactions, nutrient cycling, and microbial activity in environmental systems

Water treatment, remediation of contaminated aquifers and sediments, concepts of soil and water protection

Mathematical modeling of environmental systems (climate, water balance, solute transport, landscape evolution)