Department of Geoscience

Research Theme: Geography

Geographical research activities in Tübingen are concentrating on obtainment of a process-based knowlegde and on an understanding of landscape development and its interrelations with natural and anthropogenic factors. Our focus lies on all processes that are relevant regarding space (geosphere) and respective mechanisms, which are important against the background of any research on "geo-ressources" that again are central objects of geographical research in Tübingen.
In consideration of relations and interactions of man and environment the work groups in physical and human geograpgy are closely working together. The following fields you find at the institute:

Basing on this institutional structure, and in the context of man and environment interactions, an increase in our research regarding "how to quantify landscape functions" led to a rather important and international recognised research on and development of GIS based methods.
The centre of physical-geographical research stands the determination of relations between man and environment in both natural and cultural landscapes with its primary resources, namely soil and water. In terms of an interdisciplinary natural science Physical Geography is aiming the mechanistic understanding itself as well as function and effectiveness of eco- and pedosphere. In contrast, Human Geography is investigating spaces of human beings and their mechanisms and functions which are relevant for the comprehension of cultural landscaping in different scales. Against the background of globalisation it is even more so necessary to do research on regional and local structures while regarding interrelations between man and environment. In the context of segregation and global distribution of resources that has the aim to develop a future perspective and an understanding of the terms "region" and "transformation" stands the analysis and interpretation of functions in our "system of man and environment".

The following topics, functions and qualifications are relevant for both Physical and Human Geography:

Besides, a high amount of cooperation projects with institutes and working groups of other faculties at Tübingen University and, further, Universities in Baden-Württemberg are realised. One focus is the close cooperation between the Chair of Physical Geography Tübingen (Prof. Scholten) with the Institute of Soil Science and Soil Conservation at the University of Hohenheim and the Institute of Prehistory and Early history and Archaeology of the Middle age at Freiburg University. In the range of research on LDCs and Latin America stands a cooperation with Political Sciences, Economical Sciences, Theology and Linguistics. Further, Human Geography is working together with Urban Development at Stuttgart University and Agrarian Economy at the University of Hohenheim.