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The lecture is held every Friday beginning at 10 c.t. and lasting until 12:00 in the Kupferbau (Holderlinstr. 5). Room HS 24.

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Winter 2019/2020

January 24

Susanne Prillwitz: What do we know about “Argive” pottery? Grouping Late Bronze Age to Early Iron Age Pottery at Tiryns

Tiryns is one of the major sites in the Argolid, a region which is well known for its large scale
production and export of fine decorated pottery during Mycenaean times and its distinctive
but regionally coherent style of decorated pottery in the Geometric Period. For both periods,
excavations at Tiryns have yielded well documented pottery kilns and production debris. The
production can be further attested by its characteristic chemical pattern in Neutron Activation
Analysis (NAA).
This presentation gives an overview of the identified workshops comprising their architectural
features, associated pottery finds and archaeometric analysis data. The focus lies on a
comparison and correlation of typological, macroscopic and chemical (NAA) pottery groups
supplemented by a small set of petrographic samples. The data will be discussed with
reference to other known production sites in the Argolid such as Mycenae/Berbati, Asine and
Argos and questions will be raised about the relationships between these sites or workshops.

January 31

to be announced