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Secretariat of the Department of School Education

Working group
Prof. Bohl

Ms Bürgisser has been working in the School Education Department since 2014. As an administrative assistant, she takes care of the organisational and administrative matters in Prof. Bohl's working group.

Contact Bohl Secretariat

Münzgasse 26
72070 Tübingen
Room 209

Fax: 07071/29-5871


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Mo. - Do.: 10:00 - 12:00
Tuesdays until: 14:00
and by appointment

Please make sure to clarify in advance by e-mail if you would like to pick up or drop off notes or other documents.

Of course, you can also drop off your mail in the letterbox at Münzgasse 26, which is located to the right of the entrance door.

Working group
Prof. Cramer

Ms Knuth has been supporting Prof. Cramer's working group since September 2019. She handles administrative and organisational matters within the working group.

Contact Cramer Secretariat

Wilhelmstr. 31
72074 Tübingen
Room 203



Opening hours:
Mi.: 10:00 - 12:00 and by appointment


Due to Corona, there are no regular office hours. We are happy to be there for you on Wednesdays (10-12 hrs). Please register in advance by e-mail or send your request to: sekretariat.professionsforschungspam

Working group
Prof. Lachner

Here follows a picture.

Ms Stuber has been supporting Prof. Lachner's working group since July 2020. She handles administrative and organisational matters within the framework of Prof. Lachner's working group.

Contact Lachner Secretariat

Keplerstr. 17
72074 Tübingen
Room 010



Opening hours:

Mo. - Fr.: 10:00 - 12:00
and by appointment