Institute of Historical and Cultural Anthropology

Prof. Dr. Christoph Bareither

  • Professor, Cultural Anthropology and Digital Anthropology

Ludwig Uhland Institute of Historical and Cultural Anthropology
University of Tübingen
Burgsteige 11, 72070 Tübingen

Main Areas in Research and Teaching

Digital Anthropology / Digital Everyday Cultures
Cultures of Artificial Intelligence
Popular Cultures & Video Games
Memory Cultures, Heritage & Museums
Ethnography of Emotions
Digital Ethnography, Computer-Assisted Data Analysis & Digital Humanities
Digital Science Communication & Public Engagement

Academic Profile

Christoph Bareither's research and teaching focuses on the ethnographic study of everyday digital cultures, combining the strengths of cultural and digital anthropology. The aim of his work is to contribute to urgent socio-political debates by shedding light on the transformations of everyday practices and experiences enabled through digital technologies (e.g. social media, digital image technologies, video games, machine learning). His work integrates a variety of other fields, such as popular culture research, research on memory cultures, heritage and museums, and the ethnography of emotions. The topics he deals with include, among others, cultures of artificial intelligence, digital image cultures on social media, digital transformations of Holocaust remembrance, populist truth-making in digital ‘post-truth’ societies, and video gaming cultures. Christoph Bareither also contributes to the methodological development of digital ethnography and computer-assisted data analysis, bringing together cultural anthropology and digital humanities (see for example the project Curating Digital Images). Together with fellow researchers, he is also working on new formats for digital science communication and public engagement (see the CHAPTER project). At the LUI, he is also running the Digital Anthropology Lab, an international and interdisciplinary Hub for the ethnography of everyday digital cultures. 

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