Institute of Historical and Cultural Anthropology

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Johler

Reinhard Johler is a professor of Empirische Kulturwissenschaft in Tübingen and current director of the Ludwig Uhland Institute. He received his Ph.D. at the University of Vienna, where he taught until coming to Tübingen in 2002. He was an Invited Visiting Professor at the École Normale Superieure in Paris in 2004, President of the German Volkskunde Association from 2007 to 2011, and is currently director of the Institut für Donauschwäbische Geschichte und Landeskunde and President of the Johann-Gottfried-Herder Forschungsrat. His research interests include migration, diversity, and cultural processes in Europe, war experience, and cultures of catastrophe. He is the editor of a number of volumes, including Doing Anthropology in Wartime and War Zones: World War I and the Cultural Sciences in Europe (with Christian Marchetti and Monique Scheer, transcript 2010) and Migration, Integration, and Health: The Danube Region (with Harald C. Traue and Jelena J. Gavrilovic, Dustri 2010). Other recent publications include: “Doing European Ethnology in a Time of Change. The Metamorphosis of a Discipline in Germany and in Europe” in Traditiones (2012); “Local Europe. The Production of Cultural Heritage and the Europeanisation of Places” in Ethnologia Europaea (2003); “The EU as Manufacturer of Tradition and Cultural Heritage” in Culture and Economy. Contemporary Perspectives edited by Ullrich Kockel (Ashgate 2002); and “Ethnological Aspects of ‘Rooting’ Europe in a ‘De-Ritualised’ European Union” in Managing Ethnicity. Perspectives from Folklore Studies, History and Anthropology, edited by Regina Bendix and Herman Roodenburg (Het Spinhuis 2000).

Recent Publications

ラインハルト・ヨーラー、ヤン・ヒンリクセン、サンドロ・ラット: 「災害の文化―ドイツ語圏民俗学・文化学における研究の視点」 『日本民俗学』 第295号 (2018) P. 83-107, 189 (japanische Übersetzung für die von der „Folklore Society of Japan“ (Nihonminzokugakkai) herausgegebene Zeitschrift Nihon-Minzokugaku).

The War, the Soldiers, the Prisoners, and the Folklorists in Europe: a comparative research summary. In: International Forum on Audio-Visual Research/Jahrbuch des Phonogramm Archivs 9 (2018), S. 41-79.