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Institute of Political Science

Welcome to the website of the Institute of Political Science at the University of Tübingen. Founded in 1952, we are the oldest political science department in Germany, and a renowned centre of excellence in both teaching and research. We offer a wide range of courses and programmes in political science for both BA and MA students. Cutting edge research is undertaken in our research units led by our professors, all international specialists in their respective fields. 


Abels, Gabriele (Professor)

Abels, Joscha (Research Officer)

Afscharian, Dominic (Research Officer - Fus-Project)

Andrä, Christine (Research Officer)

Augenstein, Lea (Research Officer)

Barrios, Harald (Private Lecturer)

Berten, John (Research Officer / Lecturer)

Betz, Johanna (Research Officer - Project GROEG)

Bieling, Hans-Jürgen (Professor)

Bruzelius, Cecilia (Junior Professor)

Buchner, Julia (Administration)

Buhr, Daniel (Adjunct Supernumery Professor)

Conradi, Elisabeth (Private Lecturer)

Cress, Anne (Research Officer)

Dierksmeier, Claus (Professor)

Diez, Thomas (Professor)

Dreier, Volker (Private Lecturer)

Edel, Mirjam (Senior Lecturer, tenured)

Eilfort, Michael (Honorary Professor)

Frankenberger, Rolf (Senior Lecturer, tenured / Academic Counsellor)

Futterer, Andrea (Research Officer - Project GROEG)

Glynn, Natalie (Research Officer / Lecturer)

Große Hüttmann, Martin (Senior Lecturer, tenured / Academic Counsellor)

Hasenclever, Andreas (Professor)

Jäger, Uli (Honorary Professor)

Jopp, Mathias (Honorary Professor)

Kassem, Sarrah (Research Officer)

Kiefer, Maximilian (Research Officer)

Kuisma, Mikko (MPPSC Program Lead)

Locher-Finke, Birgit (Honorary Professor)

Lucke, Franz von (Research Officer)

Meier-Braun, Karl-Heinz (Honorary Professor)

Menze, Thore (Research Officer - Fus-Project)

Messerschmidt, Maike (Research Officer)

Mohr, Edward (Research Officer - Fus-Project)

Nagel, Melanie (Research Officer - Project GROEG)

Nickisch, Petra (Administration)

Nies, Antje (Administration)

Pawlowski, Natalie (Research Officer)

Plieninger, Jürgen (Librarian)

Reiss, Lea (Research Officer - MiSP-Project)

Sändig, Jan (Research Officer)

Schlag, Gabi (Senior Lecturer, tenured / Academic Counsellor)

Schlumberger, Oliver (Professor)

Schrogl, Kai-Uwe (Honorary Professor)

Schulten, Thorsten (Honorary Professor)

Seeleib-Kaiser, Martin (Professor)

Sowula, Jakob (wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter)

Templ, Karl-Ulrich (Lecturer)

Tocci, Natalie (Honorary Professor)

Trautner, Bernhard (Honorary Professor)

Tremmel, Jörg (Adjunct Supernumery Professor)

Wagner, Stief (Administration)

Zolleis, Udo (Honorary Professor)



CMEPS Field Trip to Brussels

Visiting Institutions of the European Union

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New Publication from our PhD candidate Žilvinas Švedkauskas

Article on "A Newfound Hub of Global Democracy Promotion: Lithuania Playing to its Strengths"

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Feierlichkeiten des Masters Comparative & Middle East Politics and Society (CMEPS) in Kairo

10 jähriges Jubiläum und Unterzeichnung des Memorandums of Understanding

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Departmental Seminar: United in Distinctiveness - Institutionalisation of Differentiated Integration in EMU during the Sovereign Debt Crisis

Alexander Schilin (Leiden University), on Wednesday, 13 December, 16:15-17:45, Room 124 at the…

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Studium Generale: Landschaftskonflikte um die Energiewende

Olaf Kühne (Universität Tübingen) am Dienstag, 05.12.23, 18 h c.t. im HS 21 Kupferbau

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Departmental Seminar: Thinking Globally about (the Study of) Security

Pınar Bilgin (Bilkent University), Wednesday, 6 december 2023, 16 h c.t., Room 124, IfP or via Zoom

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Departmental Seminar: Discourses and Practices of the “New Normal”: Crisis, The Far-Right & the Normalization of Anti- and Post‑Democratic Action

Michał Krzyżanowski (Uppsala Univ.), Wednesday, 29 November 2023 · 16:00 c.t. · Room 124, Institut…

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Open Lecture: German Security Policy after Unification: Antimilitarism, Out-of-Area Operations and the Zeitenwende

Frank A. Stengel (Univ. Kiel), Wednesday 29 November 2023 - 14 h c.t. - HS 24 Kupferbau

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