Institute of Sociology

Founded in 1960 by the renowned sociologist Ralf Dahrendorf , the Department of Sociology has developed since then into a modern center of sociological teaching and research in which six professors examine current social issues. What they have in commonis is their empirical focus. [Read on]

Relevant contacts

Function Phone/Room E-Mail Consultation hours

Head of the Department

Prof. Dr. Boris Nieswand


R 113

@Nieswand Di 9-10:30 Uhr,
by Doodle appointment only


Gabriele Höffner


R 107

@Hoeffner Mon-Fri 9-12 / 14-17

Director of Degree Programs

Prof. Dr. Jörg Strübing


R 124


Wed 14-16 by appointment

During the semester break:

Appointment by e-mail:

Study advisor
Antonia Platten


R 102


Wed 14-16 by prior e-mail appointment

During the semester break:
1.8.,15.8.,5.9.,26.9., always 14-16

Internship advisor
Antonia Platten


R 102


Wed 14-16 by prior e-mail appointment

During the semester break:
1.8.,15.8.,5.9.,26.9., always 14-16

Internship Commissioner

Scott Milligan, PhD


R 126

@Milligan by appointment

Equal opportunities


R 110

@Dieterich by appointment

EDP Commissioner

Prof. Dr. Jörg Strübing


R 124


Wed 14-16 by e-mail appointment

During the semester break:


EDP support

Michael Steigele

Carlo Heimisch


R 128


by appointment / notice board


Svitlana Benz
(Prof. Groß, Prof. Schober)

Karin Schlotterer
(Prof. Hillmert)



R 114


R 105






Mon-Fri 8-13


Mon-Fri 8-12

Student Council R 103 @Fachschaft Monday 5 pm

Members of Staff

Name Phone Consultation hours (room) E-Mail


Prof. Dr. Martin Groß


Wed 14:30-16 (R 115)

During the semester break:
1.8. and 12.10: always at 14:30
19.9. at 10:00
and by e-mail appointment


Prof. Dr. Steffen Hillmert


Wed 14-15:30 (R 106)


Prof. Dr. Marion Müller 29.72951

Thu 12-13 (R 112)

During the semester break:
by prior e-mail appointment only

Prof. Dr. Boris Nieswand 29.72948

Tue 9-10:30 (R 113)

During the semester break:
21.8., 14.9. and 9.10: always 9:00-10:30
Appointments via Doodle

Prof. Pia S. Schober, Ph.D. 29.73462

Wed 15-16 (R 108)

During the semester break:
Telephone consultations on request from 1.9.2018


Prof. Dr. Jörg Strübing


Wed 14-16 (R 124)

During the semester break:
Wed 8.8.,14-16
Mon, 10.9.,16-18
Mon, 8.10.,14:30-17
Appointment by e-Mail:


Researchers and senior researchers

Dr. Dominik Becker 29.75436 Wed 15-16:30 Uhr (R 109) by appointment via Doodle @Becker
Hannah Bennani, Dr. 29.72949 by appointment (R 111)


Sophia Cramer, M.A   by appointment (R 111) @Cramer
Dr. Anno Dederichs


on leave @Dederichs
Manuel Dieterich, M.A. 29.78381 by appointment (R 110) @Dieterich
Moritz Fischer, M.A. 29.77574 n. a. (Keplerstr. 2, R 087) @Fischer
Dr. Andreas Hartung 29.78376 by appointment (Keplerstr. 2, R 146) @Hartung
Michael Hutzler 29.78381 by appointment (R 110) @Hutzler
Helen Law, Ph.D 29.78383 by appointment (Wilhelmstr. 36, R104) @Law
Dr. Damián Omar Martínez 29.77275 by appointment (Keplerstr. 2, R 284) @Martinez
Karoline Mikus, M.A.   by appointment (Keplerstr. 2, R 145) @Mikus
Scott Milligan, PhD 29.72947 by appointment (R 126) @Milligan
Dr. Sophie Müller 29.72949 on leave @Müller
Dr. Ursula Offenberger 29.77513 by appointment (Hausserstr. 11/U6) @Offenberger
Antonia Platten 29.75497 Wed, 14-16 Uhr by prior e-mail appointment
(Wilhelmstr. 36, R 102)
Office hours during the semester break:
1.8., 15.8., 5.9., 26.9., always 14-16
Dr. Laia Sanchez Guerrero 29.78383 by appointment (Wilhelmstr. 36, R104) @Sanchez
Marc Schwenzer, M.A. 29.77460 by appointment (Keplerstr. 2; R145) @Schwenzer
External professors
Prof. Dr. John P. Neelsen


by appointment (R 127) @Neelsen
Distinguished visting professors
Prof. Dr. Herman G. van de Werfhorst   n.a. @vandeWerfhorst
Teaching staff (temporary)

Louise-Alice Härtig, B.A.

  no office


Katharina Hoppe


Dr. Andreas Kögel

0921/55-4850 oder -4197 Universität Bayreuth,
Kulturwissenschaftliche Fakultät

Daniel Pastuh, M.A.

  no office


Alexander Schlager, M. A.

29-72929 Keplerstr. 4, R 3


Hannes Schreier, M.A.   by appointment @Schreier
Svitlana Benz 29.74217 Mon-Fri 8-13 Uhr (R 114) @Benz
Gabriele Höffner, M.A. 29.74664 Mon-Fri 8-12/13-17 Uhr (R 107) @Höffner
Karin Schlotterer


Mon-Fri 8-12 Uhr (R 105) @Schlotterer
Dr. Jürgen Plieninger


by appointment
IfP, Melanchthonstr. 36, R 102
Student assistants
Michael Steigele (EDV)


by appointment (R 128) @Steigele
Carlo Heimisch (EDV) 29.78384 by appointment (R 128) @Heimisch

Emeriti and former staff members

Name Title Previous function Email

Colloseus, Cecilia

M.A. wiss. Mitarbeiterin @Colloseus
Deutschmann, Christoph Prof. Dr. Hochschullehrer i. R. @Deutschmann
Estel, Bernd PD Dr. Privatdozent i. R. @Estel
Gildemeister, Regine Prof. Dr. Hochschullehrerin @Gildemeister
Seyfahrt, Constans Prof. Dr. Hochschullehrer i.R. @Seyfahrt
Schiller, Maria Dr. Hochschullehrerin @Schiller
Schweiker, Michael M.A. Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter @Schweiker
Sprondel, Walter Prof. Dr. Hochschullehrer i.R. @Sprondel
Vandecasteele, Leen Prof. Dr. Hochschullehrerin @Vandecasteele
Weber, Hannes Dr. Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter @Weber
Weßling, Katharina Dr. Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin @Weßling
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