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 As of May 6th, 2020, the institute library will be open again during the regular opening hours, from 9 am to 4.45 pm (maximum number of 10 users). For the use of the library the distancing rules and mask obligation apply. Cloths for cleaning workstations and keyboards are available. 


Therefore the entrance door to the institute is open again with immediate effect. However, the secretariats can still only be reached by email until further notice, office hours are no longer applicable. The opening hours of the Hegelbau are: from 8h to 18h.

However, from 8th June onwards the building will return to its usual opening times again, 8am until 10pm.



According to the state's Corona Ordinance of 22 March 2020, university operations have been suspended until 19 April 2020. However, there is a risk that the closure phase will be extended. (

The Institute of Sociology has prepared itself and decided to start the online teaching on 20th April in a coordinated way. The possibility of acquiring certificates of achievement will thus also be guaranteed in this summer semester. How the communication in the events will be organized will be communicated to you by the respective organizers before the first meeting date. Changes to courses will be announced via the university's alma system.  However, please also check your student email accounts regularly.

Due to the closing of the university, libraries and supervision tasks, the deadlines for submission of coursework or BA/MA theses will be extended. If the submission date of the paper is within the period from 16.3. to 20.4.2020, the processing time will be extended by a flat rate of five weeks. This also applies if the processing time started before 16.3. and the submission date is after 20.4.2020. (If necessary, the deadlines will be extended accordingly in the event of further closures). Coursework can be handed in via e-mail.  In the case of final papers, the formal route with a print version must also be followed.
At present, there are efforts, for example at the German Rectors' Conference, to treat the current semester as a "non-semester" in which some studies can be taken but which at the same time does not count as a full study semester (for Bafög, standard study periods, etc.). Whether this will happen has not yet been decided. However, we at the Institute of Sociology are making every effort to ensure that you as students do not suffer any disadvantages from the current crisis. However, I also ask for your understanding and patience if things run more disorderly and chaotic in the coming weeks than we would all like.

Stay healthy and take care of your fellow human beings!


Boris Nieswand (Director Institute of Sociology)

Founded in 1960 by the renowned sociologist Ralf Dahrendorf , the Department of Sociology has developed since then into a modern center of sociological teaching and research in which six professors examine current social issues. What they have in commonis is their empirical focus. [Read on]

Relevant contacts

Function Phone/Room E-Mail Consultation hours

Head of the Department

Prof. Dr. Boris Nieswand


R 113

@Nieswand Di 9-10:30 Uhr,
by Doodle appointment only


Karolin Mattes


R 107

@Mattes Mon-Fri 9-15:30

Director of Degree Programs

Prof. Dr. Jörg Strübing


R 124


Wed 14-16 by appointment

During the semester break:

Appointment by e-mail:

Study advisor
Antonia Platten


R 102


Wed 14-16 by prior e-mail appointment

During the semester break:
1.8.,15.8.,5.9.,26.9., always 14-16

Internship advisor
Antonia Platten


R 102


Wed 14-16 by prior e-mail appointment

During the semester break:
1.8.,15.8.,5.9.,26.9., always 14-16

Internship Commissioner

Scott Milligan, PhD


R 126

@Milligan by appointment

Equal opportunities


R 110

@Dieterich by appointment

EDP Commissioner

Prof. Dr. Jörg Strübing


R 124


Wed 14-16 by e-mail appointment

During the semester break:


EDP support

Michael Steigele

Carlo Heimisch


R 128


by appointment / notice board


Svitlana Benz
(Prof. Groß, Prof. Schober)

Karin Schlotterer
(Prof. Hillmert)



R 114


R 105






Mon-Fri 8-13


Mon-Fri 8-12

Student Council R 103 @Fachschaft Monday 5 pm
Phone (07071 ...)
Consultation hours (room)
Prof. Dr. Martin Groß


Wed 14:30-16 (R 115)

by e-mail appointment with Mrs. Benz


Prof. Dr. Steffen Hillmert


Wed 14-15:30 (R 106) after prior email appointment with Ms. Schlotterer  ( 07071 29-76892) 
Please send organisational queries about courses to Ms. Schlotterer.


Prof. Dr. Marion Müller29-72951

Lecture period: Thu 12-13 (R 112)
Lecture-free period: by e-mail appointment

Prof. Dr. Boris Nieswand29-72948

Wed 9-10:30 (R 113)
Appointments via Doodle

Prof. Pia S. Schober, Ph.D.29-73462

Tue 14-15 (R 108)

Appointments with Mrs. Benz


Prof. Dr. Jörg Strübing


Wed 14-16 (R 124)
Appointment by e-Mail:

Visiting Professor
Dr. Sandra Krapf29-73462 @Krapf
Researchers, senior researchers and doctoral candidates
Hannah Bennani, Dr.29-72949by appointment (R 111)


Silke Büchau, M.A.29-78383by appointment (R 104)@Buechau
Sophia Cramer, M.A by appointment (R 111)@Cramer
Dr. Anno Dederichs


on leave@Dederichs
Manuel Dieterich, M.A.29-78381by appointment (R 110)@Dieterich
Ludovica Gambaro, PhD by appointment@Gambaro
Moritz Fischer, M.A.29-77574n. a. (Keplerstr. 2, R 087)@Fischer
Michael Hutzler29-78381by appointment (R 110)@Hutzler
Silvia Kopecny, M.A.29-75436by appointment (Wilhelmstr. 36, R 109)@Kopecny
Helen Law, Ph.D29-78383  
Dr. Damián Omar Martínez29-77275by appointment (Keplerstr. 2, R 284)@Martinez
Karoline Mikus, M.A.29-77461Mon 2:30-4 pm after prior appointment by email (Keplerstr. 2, R 145)@Mikus
Scott Milligan, PhD29-72947  
Dr. Sophie Müller29-72949currently not teaching@Müller
Dr. Ursula Offenberger29-7513by appointment (Hausserstr. 11/U6)@Offenberger
Antonia Platten29-75497Wed, 2-4pm by prior e-mail appointment (R 102)@Platten
Philipp Rhein, M.A. by app. (Doctoral College-Rightwing Populism, Gartenstr. 29)@Rhein
Dr. Laia Sanchez Guerrero29-78383by appointment (Wilhelmstr. 36, R104)@Sanchez
Dr. Marc Schwenzer29-77460by appointment (Keplerstr. 2; R145)@Schwenzer
Richard Siegert, M.A. by app. (Doctoral College-Rightwing Populism, Gartenstr. 29)@Siegert
Fabian Stöhr, M.A.29-78376by appointment (Keplerstr. 2, R 146)@Stöhr
Associate / Visiting Professors
Prof. Dr. John Neelsen29-by appoinment ( Hegelbau, room 127)@Neelsen
Prof. Dr. Herman G. van de Werfhorst n.a.@vandeWerfhorst
Teaching staff (temporary)
Dr. Renate Baumgartner29-75674by appointment@Baumgartner

Louise-Alice Härtig, B.A.

 by appointment


Dr. Andreas Kögel

0921 55-4850/55- -4197Universität Bayreuth,
Kulturwissenschaftliche Fakultät
Debora Niermann, M.A.0761 203-54137

University of Freiburg, Department of Sociology



Daniel Pastuh, M.A.

 by appointment (University of Jena)


Dr. Kie Sanada by appointment@Sanada

Alexander Schlager, M. A.

29-72929by appointment (Keplerstr. 4, R 3)


Svitlana Benz29-74217Tue, Wed, Thu 9-13 (R 114)@Benz
Karolin Mattes29-74664Mon-Fri 9-15:30 (R 107)@Mattes
Karin Schlotterer


Mon-Fri 8-12 (R 105)

Dr. Jürgen Plieninger


by appointment
IfP, Melanchthonstr. 36, R 102
Student assistants
Carlo Heimisch (EDV)29-78384by appointment (R 128)@computerhiwi
Michael Steigele (EDV)29-78384by appointment (R 128)@computerhiwi

Emeriti and former staff members

Name Title Previous function Email

Colloseus, Cecilia

M.A. wiss. Mitarbeiterin @Colloseus
Deutschmann, Christoph Prof. Dr. Hochschullehrer i. R. @Deutschmann
Estel, Bernd PD Dr. Privatdozent i. R. @Estel
Gildemeister, Regine Prof. Dr. Hochschullehrerin @Gildemeister
Seyfahrt, Constans Prof. Dr. Hochschullehrer i.R. @Seyfahrt
Schiller, Maria Dr. Hochschullehrerin @Schiller
Schweiker, Michael M.A. Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter @Schweiker
Sprondel, Walter Prof. Dr. Hochschullehrer i.R. @Sprondel
Vandecasteele, Leen Prof. Dr. Hochschullehrerin @Vandecasteele
Weber, Hannes Dr. Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter @Weber
Weßling, Katharina Dr. Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin @Weßling
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