Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics

Hydromagnetic equilibrium in superfluid neutron stars

Kostas Glampedakis, Nils Andersson, Sam Lander

In two recent papers (Glampedakis, Andersson & Lander, 2011; Lander, Andersson & Glampedakis, 2011) we have calculated, for the first time, the magnetic equilibrium structure in superfluid neutron star models, assuming axisymmetric geometry. The main conclusion is that, despite the inherent non-barotropic character of the system, the resulting equilibrium does not allow for a large fraction of toroidal field energy. This is at odds with the expectations based on our understanding of magnetic equilibrium in non-barotropic and non-superfluid neutron stars. As they stand, our results could be useful in limiting the magnetic energy reservoir in magnetars given their observed surface field strength.


Glampedakis, K., Andersson, N. & Lander, S.K. (2011). Hydromagnetic equilibrium in non-barotropic multifluid neutron stars. eprint arXiv:1106.6330
Lander, S.K., Andersson, N. & Glampedakis, K. (2011). Magnetic neutron star equilibria with stratification and type II superconductivity. M.N.R.A.S., Online Early. arXiv:1106.6322