Institut für Kriminologie

Data protection, research ethics and guidelines for good scientific practice are integral parts of all empirical research. Therefore, the Institute of Criminology strictly adheres to these principles in all its (empirical) research. For that purpose, there is both a general data protection plan for the overall work of the Institute and a basic template for a project-specific data protection plan which can be adjusted according to specific project needs. Both of these data protection plans have been approved by the data protection officer at the University of Tuebingen and are in line with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union. The entire staff of the Institute of Criminology has access to the “Handbook on Data Protection at the IoC” (in print and electronically) which contains templates and further information on data protection and research ethics.

Data protection, research ethics and a good scientific practice are important to all at the IoC. Our data protection plans are strictly adhered to in our research and they are continuously evaluated and further adjusted and improved according to current data protection regulations of the University of Tuebingen.