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Red fluorescence ecology

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Key publications from this project

  • Anthes, N., Theobald, J., Gerlach, T., Meadows, M.G. & Michiels, N.K. (2016): Diversity and Ecological Correlates of Red Fluorescence in Marine Fishes. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 4: 126.
  • Gerlach, T., Theobald, J., Hart, N. S., Collin, S. P. & Michiels, N. K. (2016): Fluorescence characterisation and visual ecology of pseudocheilinid wrasses. Frontiers in Zoology 13, 1-8.
  • Harant U.K., Michiels N.K., Anthes N., Meadows M.G. (2016): The consistent difference in red fluorescence in fishes across a 15 m depth gradient is triggered by ambient brightness, not by ambient spectrum. BMC Research Notes 9:1-10.
  • Melissa G. Meadows, Nils Anthes, Nico K. Michiels et al. (2014): Red fluorescence increases with depth in reef fishes, supporting a visual function, not UV protection  [Proceedings B]
  • Gerlach, T., D. Sprenger & N.K. Michiels (2014): Fairy wrasses perceive and respond to their deep red fluorescent coloration. Proc. R. Soc. Lond. B 281: 20140787.
  • Michiels, NK et al. (2008): Red fluorescence in reef fish: a novel signalling mechanism? BMC Ecol. 8:16.


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DFG Reinhard Koselleck project to Nico K. Michiels for 7 years (2009-2016)