Institute of Evolution and Ecology (EvE)

Research facilities

Our research group uses a large diversity of methods and equipment both in the laboratory, and in the field. We specialize in spectrophotometry, microscopy, and behavioural experiments.


The lab is equipped with several field spectrophotometers and associated light sources (OceanOptics, Avantes), and two spectroradiometers that provide absolute irradiance and radiance measurements (PhotoResearch PR740 and PR670). These spectroradiometer have their own housing for underwater research. For quantifying the fluorescent properties of biological material we use a bench based fluorometer (QuantaMaster 40 PTI).


Our lab is equipped with several microscopes allowing studies using bright field, phase contrast, DIC, and fluorescence microscopy (Leica DMC 5000 and Leica MZ 16F). By combining our spectroradiometer/fluorometer to a microscope, we document the reflective and fluorescent properties of small structures such as the eyes of micro-invertebrates.


Behavioural experiments

Our field research is currently based in STARESO, Corsica. We perform behavioural trials in underwater aquaria, and spend much time documenting our work with underwater photography. In house we keep fish in ~120 aquaria of different sizes. Experimental arenas are custom-built depending on the behaviours to be tested.