Institute of Organic Chemistry

Welcome to the Workgroup of Prof. Michael Hanack


Actual Staff

Alexey Lyubimtsev, Ph. D.
Zafar Icqbal, Ph. D.
Bernd Görlach, Ph. D. goerlach[at]

Former Co-Workers

Danilo Dini, Ph. D.
Sergej Vagin, Ph. D.
Mario Calvete, Ph. D.
Markus Barthel, Ph. D. markus.barthel[at]
Boris Behnisch, Ph. D. boris.behnisch[at]
Ulf Drechsler, Ph. D. ulf_drechsler[at]
Wolfgang Eberhardt, Ph. D. Eberhardt[at]
Michael Klaus Engel, Ph. D. michael-engel[at]
Karsten Frick, Ph. D. karsten.frick[at]

Dirk Hohnholz, Ph. D.


Mikael Jazdzyk, Ph. D.

Heiko Krempl, Ph. D. poweruser[at]
Junzhong Li, Ph. D. ljzhong[at]

M. S. Rodriguéz-Morgade, Ph. D.

Ellen Schneider, Ph. D. ellen_schneider[at]
L. R. Subramanian, Ph. D. lrs[at]
Patchanita Vatakul, Ph. D. ptvatakul[at]
Götz Winter, Ph. D. gwinterg[at]
Christoforus Zachariadis[at]
Ulrich Ziener, Ph. D. ulrich.ziener[at]
Guo-Ying Yang, Ph. D. yguoying[at]
Tamer Ezzat, Ph. D.

Regretfully, this list is far from complete. If you are a former co-worker and want to be listed, please contact Prof. Dir Hanack.