Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

The working group Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is focused on the development of novel recombinant binding molecules and cellular models for biomedical research and the development of pharmaceutical compounds.

Selection of current research topics (University of Tuebingen):

  • Predictive diagnosis of immune-associated diseases. Nanobodies for in vivo imaging of cellular immune targets (in collaboration with Prof. Bernd Pichler, WSIC)
  • Nano- and Chromobodies for structural and functional analysis of the mitochondrial outer membrane (MOM) associated components Miro1, Milton/TRAK and Drp1 (in collaboration with the members of  MOMbrane)
  • Generation of Nanobody-modified Biosensors for Targeted Visualization of Potassium Channels (in collaboration with Prof. Robert Lukowski, Pharmacology, University of Tuebingen)
  • Development and application of SARS-CoV-2 specific nanobodies