Call For Papers

This call is closed!

However, you may still submit your work to the PhD symposium (if applicable).

Original call (closed):

Papers in (extended) Abstract Format (maximally four pages) can now be submitted via EasyChair.

Submission Deadline for regular or poster paper submissions is May 16th, 2014 (extended from May 7th due to numerous requests).

(Note: submissions to topical symposia (mostly only invited papers) will be handled separately by the respective organizers. - submissions are not possible anylonger)

KogWis 2014 invites submissions of extended abstracts on current work on cognitive science. Generally all topics related to cognitive science are welcome. Contributions that address the focus of this meeting, that is, language and behavior and the construction of cognition due to language and behavior are particularly encouraged. Submissions will be sorted by topic and paradigms and will be independently reviewed. Notifications of acceptance will depend on the novelty of the research, the significance of the results, and the presentation of the work.

Abstracts for oral presentations should not exceed 4 pages (maximally 16000 Characters including blanks, references, author names, etc.; deduct about 2000 Characters per figure), abstracts for poster contributions should not exceed 2 pages (maximally 7000 characters). Abstracts for oral presentations that will be accepted in poster form will need to be shortened to 2 pages (maximally 7000 characters).

Also work in progress reports in the form of poster or oral contributions are welcome.

Note also that Best Paper, Best Poster, and Best Student Paper awards can be won.

All accepted contributions will be published in the form of a Supplement KogWis 2014 in the journal Cognitive Processing (Springer Verlag).

Note: The publication will not have an individual DOI but will be highly visible due to free access to GK members and the general visibility of the journal.

Authors of accepted contributions will have to sign Springer’s copyright transfer statement, but they are definitely allowed to extend their work and results and submit them in other form elsewhere.

Submissions should comply with the Springer Cognitive Processing format.

Submissions in Word are preferred in the following format:

However, also a LATEX template is available as an alternative.

For further information, please refer to the Springer Cognitive Processing -> "Instructions for Authors" webpage.