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Early Kick-off for B322a Bachelorarbeit in Marketing and (B520) Research Seminar on Marketing (Master Seminar) in Summer Term 2020

Please note: Kick-off meeting for both seminars (B322a & B520) will already take place on Friday, April 3, 2020. Further information on both seminars will be published by January at the latest. This early kick-off meeting does not concern B322b (PD Dr. Adrienne Cansier). Further information on B322b will follow soon.

Exam Review B321L Crisis Management

Exam Review for B321L Crisis Management will take place on Tuesday, December 10 from 9 - 10 am (room 110, Nauklerstr. 47). Please register by e-mail to: marketingspam indicating your first name/name/student ID until Monday, December 9 (at 6 pm). A confirmation of your registration will not be sent. 

Article available as open access

The article "International heterogeneity in the associations of new business models and broadband Internet with music revenue and piracy" by Nils Wlömert and Dominik Papies, published in the International Journal of Research in Marketing, is now available as open access. The article is part of a special issue, and the entire issue is open access, supported by Groningen Digital Business Centre (GDBC) at the University of Groningen.



Die Bewerbungsfrist für die Schmalenbach-Stipendien endet am 30. November 2019. Das Programm richtet sich an Studierende in einem betriebswirtschaftlich orientierten Master-Studiengang. Weitere Informationen dazu finden Sie hier.

New publication in the Journal of Operations Management

The article "The role of operational expenditures and misalignments in fundraising for international humanitarian aid" has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Operations Management. The article is joint work by Dominik Papies and Laura Turrini, Maria Besiou, and Jörn Meissner. The Journal of Operations Management (5-year impact factor 10.161) is the leading journal in operations management and one of the top management journals, and it is featured in the Financial Times journal list.


Leistungsnachweise B220 WS 2018/19

Leistungsnachweise B220
Die Scheine B220 (HT und NT) aus dem WS 2018/19 sowie aus den vorangegangenen Semestern liegen ab sofort im Sekretariat des Lehrstuhls zu den dortigen Öffnungszeiten zum Abholen bereit.

New publication in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

The article "Cross-Price Elasticities and Their Determinants: A Meta-Analysis and New Empirical Generalizations", co-authored by Johannes Auer and Dominik Papies, has been accepted for publication in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. The journal is one of the premier journal in marketing research, and is featured in the Financial Times journal list. The article is available here.

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Ankündigung Gastvortrag Business Research Seminar
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Abgabe der Bachelorarbeit B322a
Montag, 16.12.2019 bis 12 Uhr s.t. - Sekretariat, Nauklerstr. 47 (Raum 110)