Bachelor's program: Winter 2020/21

E210 Wirtschafts- und Finanzpolitik

ILIAS password: WiFiPoWS2021
First slides will be uploaded on Nov. 3, 2020

E311 Sozialpolitik (Jun. Prof. Dr. Kristina Strohmaier)

E312 Bachelor Thesis Seminar on Empirical Public Economics (registration required)

E376: A Toolkit for Writing your Bachelor’s Thesis (registration required)

Master's program: Winter 2020/21

E410: Fiscal Federalism

ILIAS password: FFFC_WS2021

DS406: Machine Learning in Empirical Policy Analysis

ILIAS password: MLinecon
We will have a zoom kick-off meeting on Nov. 4, 10am
(for this, you can find a zoom link in the pdf document

E512: Master Seminar on Organization and Behavior of Firms (registration required)

Bachelor's Thesis

Master's Thesis

Summer 2020