International Economics and International Taxation

We study how economic policy, in particular taxation and international agreements, affects the economic incentives of firms and individuals. Understanding how financial, investment and location decisions are shaped by countries' unilateral or coordinated policy measures is essential to assess the effect of those policies on the global allocation of different dimensions of economic activity.

We are part of the RSIT, an interdisciplinary group of researchers from the School of Business and Economics and the Faculty of Law analyzing current issues in international taxation.


Room Change - E371 Theory and Policy of International Trade

Please note the following room change for the Lecture E371 'Theory and Policy of International Trade'. Starting from now the Lecture takes place at the Kupferbau, HS24.


A costly Brexit?

Deutsche Bundesbank Research Brief: De-liberalisation of trade in services and its potential cost, by S. Blank, P.H. Egger, V. Merlo and G. Wamser

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Teaching schedule

E371 Theory and Policy of International Trade will now be offered in summer and E737 Geographical Economics in winter

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Bachelor Thesis Seminar

Students writing their bachelor thesis with us may now choose a topic to work on in the areas of international trade, development economics, geographical economics and multinational firm behavior.

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Upcoming Master Seminar

Next term's seminar E570 Topics in International Economics will deal with the effects of trade policy on important economic outcomes.

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