Project-related Research and Commentaries

The case for risk sharing in currency unions (Dimension 1)

The Exchange Rate Insulation Puzzle, Giancarlo Corsetti, Keith Kuester, Gernot Müller, and Sebastian Schmidt, CEPR Discussion Paper 15689, January 2021

Banking union and regulation (Dimension 2)

Cover your Assets: Non-performing Loans and Coverage Ratios in Europe, Lucia Alessi, Brunella Bruno, Elena Carletti, Katja Neugebauer, and Isabella Wolfskeil, Economic Policy, forthcoming

Bank bail-in and disputed claims: Can it cope? The case for and against a vis attractiva resolutionisJens-Hinrich Binder, Journal of Banking Regulation 21 (2020), 54-63

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Bank lending and resolution (Dimension 3)

MREL as a cornerstone of EU bank resolution law, Georgios Psaroudakis, work in progress

Corporate restructuring versus financial resolution: benchmarks for the lawful treatment of creditors and shareholders, Georgios Psaroudakis, European Business Law Review,(forthcoming)

Causation between false information to investors and damage: Comparative remarks, Paraskevi Nikou, work in progress

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Sovereign risk (Dimension 4)

The Price of Law: The Case of the Eurozone Collective Action Clauses, Elena Carletti, Paolo Colla, Mitu Gulati, and Steven Ongena, The Review of Financial Studies, December 2020

Different no more: Country Spreads in Advanced and Emerging Economies, Benjamin Born, Gernot Müller, Johannes Pfeifer, and Susanne Wellmann, CEPR Discussion Paper 14392, May 2020, summary on VoxEU

Cross-country migration in the Euro Area (Dimension 5)

Mobility of Heterogeneous Workers in the European Union, Ricardo Franceschin and Joseph-Simon Görlach, working paper, September 2020

The Legitimacy of Risk Sharing Arrangements (Dimension 6)

Next Generation EU: Legal Construction, Legitimacy, Efficiency, Martin Nettesheim, Kube/Reimer (Hrsg.), Schriftenreihe des Instituts für Finanz- und Steuerrecht Heidelberg, 2021 (im Erscheinen) 

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Keine verstärkte Zusammenarbeit zu Lasten aller. Oder wie „Next Generation Europe“ nicht realisiert werden kann, Martin Nettesheim, November 20th, 2020

Legally Feasible, Constitutionally Dubious. Establishing „Next Generation Europe“ on the Basis of EU Secondary Legislation, Martin Nettesheim, December 4th, 2020