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Basic Physics Course with
MATLAB's Symbolic Toolbox and Live Editor

SpiegelLadung Helmholz Roller_Coaster

Please note!

The file sube.m is required in MATLAB's work directorie to run mlx-files in the Live Editor.





Chapter 1 Theory Chap01_1.pdf Chap01_1.mlx
Spherical coordinates Chap01_2.pdf Chap01_2.mlx
Metric of a Mexican hat Chap01_3.pdf Chap01_3.mlx
Chapter 2 Theory Chap02_1.pdf Chap02_1.mlx
Lorentz transformation Chap02_2.pdf Chap02_2.mlx
Twin paradoxon ... Chap02_3.pdf Chap02_3.mlx
Chapter 3 Theory Chap03_1.pdf Chap03_1.mlx
Action field Chap03_2.pdf Chap03_2.mlx Kepler_S
Chapter 4 Theory Chap04_1.pdf Chap04_1.mlx
Keplerian orbits Chap04_2.pdf Chap04_2.mlx Keplerian_Orbit
Roll pendulum Chap04_3.pdf Chap04_3.mlx Roll_Pendulum
Roller coaster Chap04_4.pdf Chap04_4.mlx Roller_Coaster
Chapter 5 Theory Chap05_1.pdf Chap05_1.mlx
Quantization and SG Chap05_2.pdf Chap05_2.mlx
Gauss wave packets Chap05_3.pdf Chap05_3.mlx Gauss_Interference
Bound states Chap05_4.pdf Chap05_4.mlx BoundState
Scattering states Chap05_5.pdf Chap05_5.mlx
Chapter 6 Theory Chap06_1.pdf Chap06_1.mlx
Helmhotz coil Chap06_2.pdf Chap06_2.mlx
Charge over sphere Chap06_3.pdf Chap06_3.mlx
Hertzian dipole Chap06_4.pdf Chap06_4.mlx Hertz_Dipol
Schwarzschild metric Chap06_5.pdf Chap06_5.mlx
Chapter 7 Theory Chap07_1.pdf Chap07_1.mlx
Fractals Chap07_2.pdf Chap07_2.mlx
Duffing oscillator Chap07_3.pdf Chap07_3.mlx
Billiard chaos Chap07_4.pdf Chap07_4.mlx Billiard_Animation