Living and Working

The Swabian town of Tübingen combines the flair of its mediaeval old town with the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the university and the beautiful natural surroundings. With its high proportion of students, Tübingen is the city with the youngest population in all of Germany. The region of southwestern Germany, in which it is located, is an economic powerhouse with many globally active ‘hidden champions’ as well as the famous names of the automobile industry. In sum, Tübingen is a prosperous, bustling university town with a long history, a bright future as a hub for research, and the potential for a fantastic work-life balance. 

While Germany is overall a safe country, Tübingen is a city with an especially low crime rate. Anti-discrimination laws protect minorities and there is religious freedom. As a liberal and peaceful city with strong support structures for families, Tübingen is the ideal place to raise a family. 

A castle, a tower, famous poets, narrow alleys and a riverfront – the city of Tübingen is lovely combination of an historic city center originating from the Middle Ages and a bustling, modern university town. The city offers numerous attractions from medieval churches to modern museums. In the summer, punting rides on the Neckar river are everyone’s favorite pastime. Throughout the year, young and old, locals and guests can enjoy numerous outdoor and indoor activities in picturesque Tübingen.  

Tübingen is located in one of the most scenic regions in Germany. The Swabian Alb is home to more than 2,500 caves and numerous artefacts, many of which are on display in the local museums. The area around Tübingen is home to many castles, monasteries and chapels.