We have a new job opening for a Phd student or postdoc to work on modelling electrophysiological recordings from human medial temporal lobe with deep nets. 

We are looking for students in the IMPRS Intelligent Systems (Deadline November 2) and the IMPRS `Mechanisms of Mental Function and Dysfunction'

Machine Learning in Science

Research Interests

Our goal is to accelerate scientific discovery using machine learning and artificial intelligence: We want to develop computational methods that help scientists interpret empirical data and use them to discover and constrain theoretical models. To this end, we collaborate with experimental researchers from various disciplines. We are particularly interested in applications in the neurosciences: We want to understand how neuronal networks in the brain process sensory information and control intelligent behaviour, and to develop methods for the diagnosis and therapy of neuronal dysfunction.

B.Sc., M.Sc. theses, student jobs.

If you are a student at the University of Tübingen in a degree program at the department for Computer Science or the Graduate Training Center Neuroscience, and are interested in working with us (e.g. for a masters, bachelor thesis, research internship, essay rotation or as an SHK/Hiwi), see here.