Center for Islamic Theology


A scholarship is a very favourable way to finance your studies, since you do not have to repay it, and it also provides an excellent reference for your CV. Financial support may be offered periodically (e.g. monthly, quarterly, annually), for a limited period of time or only once (e.g. for study material). However, a scholarship is not always easy to be gained. Certain personal requirements have to be fulfilled, such as social commitment, a particular field of study, a specific religious affiliation or nationality and outstanding achievements in your prior studies. It is also important that your study project is somehow related to the foundation's purpose. In addition, social factors may be considered. Getting a scholarship involves a lot of initiative, detailed research on the foundation, a comprehensive application and a time-consuming selection process. Applications for student support should be made at as early a stage as possible.

The ZITH offers its students individual scholarship advice which informs about the different opportunities for financial support of your studies or research project. Thanks to the numerous offers of various foundations the prospect for a grant is realistic, however, time consuming and a bit of work. The ZITH can assist you in assessing the chances of gaining a scholarship. In order to ensure customized and detailed advice, consultation takes place by appointment only. You can register personally, by phone or e-mail. Our consultant is Ali Zaherinezhad.

Selection of relevant foundations