Tübingen School of Education (TüSE)


Conceptual Approach

The University of Tübingen has an excellent international reputation based on its success in fundamental research questions. The university's fundamental research is complemented with applied research in selected areas of societal relevance. Within teacher education and school research, application-oriented research questions with societal relevance, such as research on teaching methodology, on educational structures or on the teaching profession, become even more important.

The work area of research aims at strengthening research structures in the field of teacher education and school-based teaching and learning by creating strong networks and productive cooperations with special consideration of teaching methodology and didactics. It is especially drawn upon successful and established partners within the university, such as the Hector Institute of Empirical Research (HIB), the Institute of Education (IfE), the Leibniz Institute for Knowledge Media (IWM), the International Center for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities (IZEW), the work area of School Psychology as well as on areas with established expertise and experience in teaching methodology and research (Protestant Theology or Catholic Theology)

This allows establishing an interdisciplinary and sustainable research culture in all subjects involved with or related to teacher education.

The University of Tübingen shows an extraordinary commitment to implement its goals in teacher education: 17 new chairs have been created. Nine chairs cover topics related to subject teaching methodology and didactics, six chairs are based in school-focused education science. Three chairs explicitly include "with special emphasis on subject didactics" to their name, revealing the strong interconnection of education science and subject teaching methodology.

A further important innovation is the strong research support in the field of teaching and learning with digital media. The field of teaching and learning with digital media is locatefd at the Institute for Knowledge Media (IWM) and supported by the Prof. Dr. Andreas Lachner's new chair. Research Activities are systematically integrated into the education science modules of teaching degree programs and sessions can use the new digital teaching lab (TüDiLab).

The TüSE Directorate and Management constantly work on new cooperations and networking initiatives.


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