Tübingen School of Education (TüSE)

Overview of the Bachelor and Master of Education at the University of Tübingen

Since the winter semester of 2015/2016, teaching students now study in bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, which are regulated by the legal ordinance of the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs on framework requirements.

In the following graphs, you can see the structure of the programs.

The Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.) takes about six semesters. However, this degree alone does not qualify for a career in public education. If you wish to become a teacher, continue to study in a Master of Education (M. Ed.).

If you decide against the teaching profession after completing your Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.), you can either apply elsewhere in the job market or study in a Master of Arts (M. A.) or a Master of Science (M. Sc.) program. In this case, please inform yourself about the admission requirements of your desired master’s subject.  

The Master of Education (M. Ed.) takes about four semesters. With this degree, you can apply for preparatory service (= traineeship) in Baden-Württemberg (and under certain conditions also in other federal states), and then become a teacher. At the University of Tübingen, the Master of Education (M. Ed.) was introduced in the winter semester of 2018/2019.

In the Bachelor and Master of Education, you study two equivalent majors, complete the Education Science Studies (ESS) as well as school-based practical studies. The latter include a three-week orientation internship during the bachelor’s program and a twelve-week school internship semester during the master’s program. An additional subject can be studied as an extension subject in a complementary master’s program.

For your transition to the master’s program, please take into consideration that you must apply for it regardless of the subjects you have studied. Furthermore, the prerequisite for enrolment in and transfer to the Master of Education is completion of the online self-assessment TüSE - Check your Choice.

The application is made via the online portal of Tübingen University’s Student Administration. To apply, you must have earned at least 130 CP in the B. Ed. program, as evidenced by a Transcript of Records.

Both the grade of the bachelor's degree and that of the master's degree are included in the overall grade at 25% each. With this grade you can apply for a transfer to the state school service. Another 50% results from the grade of the teaching program after the preparatory service (traineeship).

School Practice


Master of Education Lateral Entry (Computer Science-Physics-Mathematics)


Transition to the Master: Tübingen Master of Education Assessment (TüMAS)