Tübingen School of Education (TüSE)

Extension Subject

Besides the two main subjects and the Education Science Studies, you can study a further subject in a supplementary master’s program, the so-called extension subject, either in the scope of a main subject (120 CP) or in that of a supplementary subject (90 CP). This is only possible after completing the Bachelor of Education successfully. However, students enrolled in the B. Ed. can acquire preliminary credits for the master’s program in many subjects, provided they are at least in the third semester of the B. Ed. in one of the first two main subjects. In the extension subject, another master’s thesis must be completed in addition to the master’s thesis of the two main subjects.

Application for an Extension Subject
To study an extension subject in the Master of Education, it is necessary to be enrolled in the Master of Education in one’s main subject or to have successfully completed one’s studies of teaching for the upper secondary stage. In the extension subjects with restricted admission (biology, educational science and sports), a second, separate application is required, which can also be carried out online via the home page of the Student Administration. For all other extension subjects, you can simply enroll.