Tübingen School of Education (TüSE)

Lectures and Events of the Tübingen School of Education

On a regular basis, the Tübingen School of Education holds in-house, interregional, national and international conferences, workshops, and symposiums. These activities promote a constant exchange of knowledge within the scientific community, especially between science and practice in the field of teacher education. Additionally, the events offer a platform and opportunity for all involved to exchange their technical knowledge and engage in critical discussion regarding teacher education and the school system. 

More detailed information regarding future events and activities can be found under the section „Upcoming Events.“

For more information, you can access the overview of our diverse catalog of events or our event history, which contains a list of every event organized by the Tübingen School of Education since its founding in 2015. 

Video recordings, conference reports, and photo galleries are available for selected events. 

Every semester, the Study and Teaching / Student Counseling department holds several informational events for teacher candidates and other interested students.