Tübingen School of Education (TüSE)

Guide to the Teacher Education Program

Important Actors and Contact Points in the Teacher Education Program Outside the University

Regional Council, Department 7 – School and Education
Unit 73 for Teacher Recruitment and Demand Planning

  • lateral entry from abroad
  • more accurate hiring opportunities, etc.

Referat 76 for Vocational Schools

  • lateral entry from career
  • required subjects, etc.

State Teacher Examination Office
Outpost at the Tübingen Regional Council

  • GymPO: first and second state examination
  • B. Ed./M. Ed.: state examination (after traineeship)
  • Traineeship, social or professional internship

Outpost at the Stuttgart Regional Council

  • recognition of parts of school internship semester spent abroad

Seminar for Further and Advanced Education of Teachers in Tübingen
Website of Seminar

  • school internship semester
  • traineeship

Baden-Württemberg Website on the Teaching Profession

”Lehrer Online“ in Baden-Württemberg

  • orientation internship
  • school internship semester
  • preparatory service
  • general information (e.g. employment chances)

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