Tübingen School of Education (TüSE)

DiA:GO – Adaptive teaching with educational technology

A development and research project in Tübingen with dissemination strategies in favor of further locations.

Short Descripton

The aim of the project DiA:GO is to establish an innovative and adaptive conception to foster students' (meta-)cognitive learning and ICT-literacy (Bohl, 2017; Furtak et al., 2016). By adopting a participative co-design approach, we closely cooperate with the Gemeinschaftsschule West, Tübingen and the Uhland-Gymnasium, Tübingen. 


Another focus lies in developing subject-specific teaching units (STEM, languages) to inverstigate the effectiveness of adaptive teaching with educational technology. The teaching units have been made available via TüDiLB. Starting in 22/23, the project will be expanded to all community schools with a gymnasium upper level in Baden-Württemberg. The main goal of the 2nd funding phase is the systematic expansion of the project in a professional network to increase the visibility and outcome of the project and to ensure the generalizability of the research findings obtained. 

(First) Findings

The professional development program could be successfully implemented. In cooperation with the Center for School Quality and Teacher Education Baden-Württemberg (ZSL), the professional development program was realized as regular bar camps. The teaching units have been implemented and evaluated in diffrent subjects (mathematics, physics, chemistry, German, Englisch, Spanish, ethics, sports). First findings demonstrate the effectiveness of the adaptive teaching units in terms of substantial performance gains and better monitoring accuracy. 


Robert Bosch Foundation und Vector Foundation


01.11.2018 - 31.10.2022

Principal Investigator

Prof. Dr. Andreas Lachner (Institute of Educational Science); Prof. Dr. Thorsten Bohl (Tübingen School of Education) 
Team Armin Fabian, Dr. Leonie Jacob, Dr. Christine Plicht, Christian Wettke, teachers of the Gemeinschaftsschule West and Uhland-Gymnasium, Tübingen
Cooperation Gemeinschaftsschule West, Tübingen; Uhland-Gymnasium, Tübingen; Center for School Quality and Teacher Education Baden-Württemberg (ZSL); Prof. Dr. Katharina Scheiter (Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien); Prof. Dr. Kathleen Stürmer (Hector-Institut für Empirische Bildungsforschung) 


Prof. Dr. Andreas Lachner