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ProfiL - Professionalization through Advising for Teaching Students



ProfiL represents a career-biographically oriented consultation. It systematically accompanies the individual professionalization processes of prospective teachers during their studies. Those individual entry requirements of teaching students which, according to research findings, influence the course of professionalization are, always in alignment with the objective requirements of their studies and future profession, reflectively processed within the consultation sessions. In this way, individual career-related development tasks can be recognized, and the necessary resources, strategies and solutions for overcoming them made visible or available. During the bachelor phase, the consultation sessions start primarily with the individual conditions of action, patterns of interpretation, convictions, routines etc.; during the master’s program, they take their starting point in the experiences of the completed internship semester.

The central questions of ProfiL Accompanying Research are oriented to the modifications in the perception or formulation of individual career-related development tasks, as well as to the effects on various input variables that may crystallize while participating in the consultation. At the same time, mechanisms of action and processes of the consultation itself are analyzed.

Research Design

The study is realized in the form of a two-group pre-post design in the first consultation phase. A standardized questionnaire containing items about central concepts of teaching and professionalization research will be used, which will be administered to participating students at three measurement time points (2nd, 4th and 6th semesters of the B.Ed.).  As a comparison group, teaching students of the same year who are not participating in ProfiL are surveyed. Survey dates here are the 2nd and 6th semesters of the B.Ed.

An in-depth study focusses on the more precise contours of influence which ProfiL advising has within individual professionalization processes. For this purpose, narrative interviews are conducted in both the participant group and the comparison group (n = 8 in each case), and in the 4th and 6th semesters of the B.Ed. as well as the 4th semester of the M.Ed., respectively.

The investigation of partially standardized meeting protocols and the evaluation interviews with the participating counsellors provide analytical access to the consultation’s process character and mechanisms of action within the small groups or within this highly individualized professionalization offer.


BMBF Qualitätsoffensive Lehrerbildung


2019 - 2023


Project Management: Prof. Dr. Petra Bauer, Institute of Education, Department of Social Pedagogy, Prof. Dr. Marc Weinhardt, Protestant University of Darmstadt, School of Professional Studies


Staff Member: Kathrin Kniep, Tübingen School of Education und Institute of Education, Department of Social Pedagogy

Institute of Education, Department of Social Pedagogy


Kathrin Kniep, kathrin.kniepspam prevention@tuese.uni-tuebingen.de