Center for Islamic Theology


Vortrag: "The Future of Faith in the Arab World: Millennial Attitudes to Religion and Religious Leadership" - Abbas Yunas (Tabah Foundation, Abu Dhabi)

Donnerstag, den 17.11, 18.00 - 20.00 c.t., Seminarraum 13 (Alte HNO) Silcherstraße 7

Over 200 million people under the age of 34 now form the largest demographic in the Middle East. This not only presents a unique opportunity for the region yet also poses hitherto unforeseen challenges.

In this presentation, Mr. Abaas Yunas offers the findings and implications from one of the largest surveys to date conducted amongst Arab millennials. Inquiring into their attitudes towards the religious establishment, faith and identity politics, Mr Yunas’ important research portends the regions reconfiguration of religion in the 21st century.