Prof. Dr. Klaus Corcilius

Chair in ancient philosophy

University of Tübingen
Philosophical Seminar
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Consultation hours:

During the semester every wednesday between1 and 2 p.m. and on appointment at the office.
During semesterbreak on 14.09.22 and 04.10.22 with prior application by email between 1-2 the office.

Current research project

ERC-Project "Text and Idea of Aristotele's Science of Living Things"
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Main research

Specialization: Ancient Philosophy
Competence: Philosophy of Mind, Action, Moral Psychology, Ethics, Metaphysics



Professor, University of Tübingen Fall 2016 – present
Associate Professor, University of California at Berkeley  2011 ­– 2016
Assistant Professor (Juniorprofessor), Hamburg University 2009 – 2011
Visiting Scholar, Concordia University Montreal, Canada 2008
Research Associate, Humboldt-University, Berlin 2005 – 2009


Doctorate in Philosophy, Humboldt-University of Berlin, Dissertation title: Aristoteles’ Theorie der animalischen Ortsbewegung 2006
M.A. University of Hamburg (Philosophy and Classics), Thesis title: Die Affektionen der Seele in der Aristotelischen Rhetorik 2001
Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland 1999-2000
University of Hamburg, Philosophy and Classics 1996-2001

Dissertation Advising                                                                          

• Vanessa de Harven, The Coherence of Stoic Ontology, dissertation completed in 2012
• Juan Pablo Bermúzed-Rey, Automaticity and Control in Human Action (external supervisor  University of Toronto, completed in 2015)
• Justin Vlasits, Platonic Division and the Origins of Aristotelian Logic, Berkeley dissertation completed in 2017
• Dan Esses, Theology and Politics in Plato’s late dialogues, Berkeley dissertation completed in 2018
• Mike Arsenault. Aristotle on Perception (working title)
• Fei Dou, Sprache und Sache bei Aristoteles (working title)
• Federica Gonzalez Luna: Axiology and the Evil in Metaphysics IX (working title)

Professional Activities (selection)

• Fall 2010/11: member of the search committee for a professorship with specialization in theoretical philosophy at the University of Hamburg
• Spring 2013: member of the graduate admissions committee
• Spring 2014: chair of the graduate admissions committee
• Spring 2014: member of the search committee for a professorship with specialization in ancient philosophy in the department for classics at UC Berkeley.
• Fall 2014: member of the departmental equity task force
• Spring 2015: chair of the graduate admissions committee
• Spring 2015: member of the departmental equity task force
• Fall 2015: responsible for the teaching assignments of graduate students
• Spring 2016: chair of the graduate admission committee
• Several tenure reviews for US Universities
• Fall 2017: Chair (Geschäftsführender Direktor) Department of Philosophy, University of Tuebingen

Positions and Memberships

• Associate Editor of Rhizomata. A Journal for Ancient Philosophy and Science (since 12/2010, relaunch with De Gruyter in 2013)
• Member of the Editorial Board of Apeiron. Journal for Ancient Philosophy and Science
• Member of the European Society for Ancient Philosophy (ESAP)
• Member of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Philosophie
• Member of the Gesellschaft für Antike Philosophie


• Ancient Philosophy
• Apeiron
• Archiv für Begriffsgeschichte

Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie
• British Journal for the History of Philosophy
• Cambridge University Press

• Classical Antiquity
• Classical Quarterly

Grazer Philosophische Studien
• Harvard University Press
• Journal of the History of Philosophy

Logical Analysis and History of Philosophy
• Oxford University Press
• Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy
• Philologus

Philosophers’ Imprint
Rheinisches Museum für Philologie

• Res Philosophica
• Rhizomata
• Topoi

Zeitschrift für Philosophische Forschung




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Journal Articles and Book Chapters (peer reviewed)

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Reviews and Discussions

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Workshops and conferences

Past workshops and conferences:

Tübinger Platon-Tage: Platon und die Zeit, 28.-30. April 2022

CRUX Workshop: New Perspectives on Aristotle's De sensu, Tübingen, 19-21. September 2019

CRUX Workshop: New Perspectives on Aristotle's De sensu, Tübingen, 19-21. September 2019

Konferenz: ΝΟΥΣ, De intellectu, Tübingen, 28-29. November 2019

Conferences, Workshops, Reading Groups organized (selection)

• Conference “Partition of the Soul in Ancient, Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy,” TOPOI, Humboldt University Berlin, Berlin, 23-24/10/09 (with D. Perler).
• Conference “Parts of the Soul and Methodology in Aristotle,” TOPOI, Humboldt University Berlin, 13/11/09.
• Workshop “Parts of the Soul and Aristotle’s Generation of Animals,” TOPOI, Humboldt University Berlin, 06/10-19/09.
• Workshop “Aristotelian Cardiocentrism,” TOPOI, Humboldt University Berlin, 15-25/02/09.
• Public Lecture Series „Grenzziehungen. Die Unterscheidung zwischen Natur vs. Geist in der Philosophie der Antike“, Hamburg University, Fall 2010/11.
• West Coast Aristotle Reading Group (monthly event, alternating between Stanford and Berkeley, from 2014 on at Berkeley only)
• Berkeley LMU – workshop in Ancient Philosophy 2013: From Sense Perception to Knowledge.
• Bay Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy (BayCap) 1, Areyh Kosman: The Activity of Being, University of San Francisco (with M. Oele, USF & Jan Szaif, UC Davis),
• West Coast Plato Workshop: The Two Hippiai, UC Berkeley, 05/10-11/14
• Defining Platonism. Conference in Honour of John Dillon’s 75th Birthday (with Sara Klitenic, Franciscan University Steubenville & John Finamore, University of Iowa, 09/13-14/14
• Berkeley LMU – workshop in Ancient Philosophy 2014, Metaphysics VIII.
• Bay Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy (BayCap) 2, James Lennox: Aristotle on the Norms of Inquiry, UC Berkeley (with M. Oele, USF & Jan Szaif, UC Davis), 03/06-07/15
• Berkeley LMU – workshop in Ancient Philosophy 2015: Against Universal Goodness. Critique of Plato, and the Concept of Goodness in Aristotle’s Ethical Writings.
• Bay Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy (BayCap) 3, Katja Vogt: 03/05-06/15
• As head of the Townsend Working Group in Ancient Philosophy, I was the chief organizer of the following series of lectures at UC Berkeley up until 2016:
• Tübinger Platon-Tage: Platon und das Schöne, 04/19-21/18 (recurring event, every three years, as shown above)
• First Tübingen Workshop in Ancient Philosophy: Plato’s Essentialism with Vasilis Politis, 05/10-13/18

Invited Talks

  1. „Wann ist eine Übersetzung besser als die andere?“, SFB 644 – Annual Meeting, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany, 05/12/05.
  2. “Aristotle’s Theory of Motivation: De Anima III 10,” 11. The European Cultural Centre  at Delphi, Greece, 03/17/05.
  3. “Aristotle’s Critique of Platonic Soul-Partition”, Center for the Study of the Neoplatonic Tradition, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, 11/11/05.
  4. “Praktische Syllogismen bei Aristoteles,” Kolloquium der GanPh, Heidelberg, 01/06/06.
  5. “Aristoteles: Metaphysik III 2“, Hochschule für Philosophie, München, Germany, 01/10/06.
  6. “How are Episodes of Thought Initiated, According to Aristotle?” Colloquium Soul And Mind, Wulf De Mansion Center, University Leuven, Belgium, 02/15/07.
  7. “The Place of Deliberation in Aristotle’s Theory of Animal Motion,” Konferenz ‘the Practical Syllogism’, Humboldt Universität Berlin, Germany, 04/26/07.
  8. “Seelenteile und orexis in Aristoteles’ De anima,” 2. Kongress der GanPh, Hamburg, Germany, 07/20/07.
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  31. “Fueled by Love. How Exactly Does The First Mover Move the Heavens?” Conference on Aristotle’s Metaphysics XII Bonn, Germany, 11/30/10.
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