We offer courses on geoecology and associated topics in different curricula (B. Sc. Geographie, B. Ed. Geographie, B. Sc. Geoökologie, M. Sc. Umweltgeographie, M. Sc. Geoökologie). Further information can be found here.

BSc courses

GEO 46 Geoökologie

In this course, biomes of the world are introduced from a geoecological perspective (connecting the atmosphere, biosphere, pedosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere).

GEO 51 Integratives Projekt

In irregular intervals, we offer projects on ecosystem research integrating different subdisciplines of geography.

Contributions to joint courses

GEO 11 (Grundlagen der Physischen Geographie)

GEO 21 (Physische Geographie 1: Geomorphologie und Bodengeographie)

GEO 23 (Geographische Methoden 1)

GEO 41 (Analytische Methoden in Bodenkunde und Geoökologie)

MSc courses

GEO 78 Ökosystemforschung

We focus on complex interactions between the different processes in an ecosystem and present biogeochemical cycles including the effect of humans.

GEO 88 Umwelt III: Biodiversität und Ökosystemfunktionen

Globally biodiversity is declining, but how the decline might affect the functioning of ecosystems remains controversially discussed. This debate is tackled for different ecosystem compartments.

GEO 98 Analyse III: Ökosystemprozesse

Focus of this course is on the analysis of complex ecosystem interactions by means of state-of-the methodological approaches.

GEO 94 Forschungsseminar

In this course, we present ongoing work in the workgroup geocology (bachelor, master, PhD theses) complemented by talks of general interest (scientific writing, pitfalls in laboratory work etc.).

Contributions to joint courses

GEO 75 (Globaler Umweltwandel)