We offer courses on geoecology and associated topics in different curricula (B. Sc. Geographie, B. Ed. Geographie, B. Sc. Geoökologie, M. Sc. Umweltgeographie, M. Sc. Geoökologie). Further information can be found here.

BSc and BEd courses

GEO 31 Geoökologie

Environmental change is occurring in unprecedented rates affecting the different spheres (atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, pedosphere, biosphere) and the feedbacks among them. In this course, we present environmental change pressures and discuss how they influence the spheres and their feedbacks based on selected biomes of the world.

GEO 52 Integratives Projekt

In irregular intervals, we offer projects on ecosystem research integrating different subdisciplines of geography.

GEO 63 Große Geländeübung

In irregular intervals, we offer trips to exciting locations (such as the Slovenian Alps, Switzerland etc.), where we investigate current environmental phenomens.

MSc and MEd courses

GEO 85 Planetare Grenzen

The Earth system has a constrained capacity to buffer forces and maintain a steady state. The thresholds which indicate an irreversible state change are coined „planetary boundaries“. Planetary boundaries were quantified for different forces. In this course, the following forces will be tackled: Biosphere integrity, land use, biogeochemical cycles, atmospheric aerosol loading, novel entities.

GEO 87 Biodiversität und Ökosystemfunktionen

Globally biodiversity is declining, but how the decline might affect the functioning of ecosystems remains controversially discussed. This debate is tackled for different ecosystem compartments.

GEO 95 Forschungsseminar

In this course, we present ongoing work in the workgroup geocology (bachelor, master, PhD theses) complemented by talks of general interest (scientific writing, pitfalls in laboratory work etc.).

GEO 97 Isotopenbasierte Ökosystemanalytik

Focus of this course is on the analysis of complex ecosystem interactions by means of state-of-the methodological approaches.

Contributions to joint courses

GEO 13 (Grundlagen der Geographie)

GEO 21 (Bodenkunde und Geomorphologie)

GEO 24 (Methoden der Physischen Geographie)

GEO 41 (Analytische Methoden in Bodenkunde und Geoökologie)

Einführung in die Geoökologie

Climatology and Ecosystems of the Earth

Master Seminar Geoecology