Massively Parallel Computing INFO4173 (Master)



Graphics processors contain hundreds of parallel processing elements and thus enable us to explore this realm of massively parallel computing today. The high number of parallel cores poses a great challenge for software design that must expose massive parallelism to benefit from the new hardware. The main purpose of the lecture is to teach practical algorithm design for such parallel hardware.

This year the course is offered as a one-week block course.

Please visit the course page on ILIAS for details on dates and material.


Exercises during block course

Oral exam


Planned Schedule

Date Lectures Exercises
Do., 21.03.2019 Intro
Assignment 1: Kernel Calls,Memory Transfer
Assignment 2: Cross Correlation, Reverse Arrays
Fr., 22.03.2019 Control Flow
Assignment 3: Reduction, Compaction
Assignment 4: Bucket Sort, Cell Coverage
Weekend   Assignment 4: Bucket Sort, Cell Coverage (continued)
Mo., 25.03.2019 08:00: Data Structures, Profiling
13:00: Searching
Assignment 5: Matrix Multiplication, Searching
Di., 26.03.2019

08:00: N-Body
13:00: Systems, OpenCL

Assignment 6: Particle Systems
Mi., 27.03.2019 08:30: PDEs
13:30: Numerics
Assignment 6: Particle Systems (continued)