Displays (Master), 2V+2Ü (6LP) INF4178) - englisch


Display algorithms and technology are currently one of the most innovative areas in computer graphics. In the recent years we have seen drastic improvements in both spatial as well as temporal resolution, contrast, color consistency and alike. In order to judge image and video reproduction quality we will visit a number of measures based on psycho-physical insights. Stereo vision has been around for years and now entered every other TV set requiring novel algorithms for preparing and controlling the visual content. Stacking multiple light modulators one can even build an auto-stereoscopic display requiring enhanced computational methods for driving these displays.

The course will cover


Dienstag, 12-14 Uhr, Raum C215

Mittwoch, 8-10 Uhr, Raum C412



There will be an oral examination at the end of the term.

The course will be accompanied by practical exercises.

The exercise bonus is 0.6 in maximum. There are two parts, first is the regular exercises, second is the individual project with 0.3 bonus each.