Ur- und Frühgeschichte und Archäologie des Mittelalters

Dr. Dobereiner Chala-Aldana

Fields of Interest

Bronze Age in the Iberian Peninsula

Early Holocene in South America

Landscape Archaeology

Environmental Archaeology

Isotopic mobility analyses and GIS


Scientific Activity

2021-2022 Assistant / Lecturer (Early Prehistory Department, Uni Tübingen)

2021 Assistant Professor (Anthropology Department, Universidad Nacional de Colombia)

2017-2021 Doktorand (SFB 1070 RessourcenKulturen, Uni Tübingen)


2021. PhD in Prehistoric Archaeology (Summa cum laude). Universität Tübingen. (Tübingen, Germany)

2017. M.Sc. in Archaeological Science (Geoarchaeology). Universität Tübingen. (Tübingen, Germany)

2013. Diplom in Anthropology. Universidad Nacional de Colombia, (Bogotá, Colombia)

2011. B.Ed. in Social Sciences. Universidad Distrital (Bogotá, Colombia)



Geographic Information Systems and Mobility Analyses



Introduction to the Archaeology of the Americas

Isotopes in Bioarchaeology

Practicals in Biomolecular Archaeology.


(2017 –     ) Characterisation of the Bronze Age in the Middle Guadalquivir Valley. Villaverde del Río, Sevilla, Spain.


2015 Assessment of human mobility/residence in extreme life conditions during early Holocene in the Pucuncho basin (Peru) through Sr and O isotopes. Arequipa, Perú


[1] D. Chala-Aldana (2022). Beyond Culture Areas: Ceramic Typologies as Indicators of Spatial Interactions between the Middle and Low Guadalquivir, Southeast and Southwest Iberia. In: M. Bartelheim/F. Contreras Cortés/R. Hardenberg (eds), Landscapes and Resources in the Bronze Age of Southern Spain. RessourcenKulturen Band 17. (Tübingen 2022). 237-295.

[2] D. Chala-Aldana/H. Bocherens/M. Christopher/K. Moore/G. Hodgins/K. Rademaker. (2018). Investigating mobility and highland occupation strategies during the Early Holocene at the Cuncaicha rock shelter through strontium and oxygen isotopes, Journal of Archaeological Science Reports 19, 2018, 811-827.

Participation in publications:

[1] E. Milton; N. D. Stansell; H. Bocherens; A. Brownlee; D. Chala-Aldana; K. Rademaker. (2022). Examining surface water δ18O and δ2H values in the western Central Andes: A watershed moment for anthropological mobility studies. Journal of Archaeological Science. YJASC 105655.

[2] M. Diaz-Zorita Bonilla; D. Chala-Aldana; J. Escudero-Carrillo; M. Bartelheim (2022). Connectivity, Interaction and Mobility during the Copper and Bronze Age in Southwestern Spain. In: M. Bartelheim; T. Scholten (eds.). Landscapes and Resources in the Bronze Age of Southern Spain. Tübingen University Press, Tübingen.

[3] M. Bartelheim/M. A. Carmona Ruiz/D. Chala Aldana/M. Díaz-Zorita Bonilla/J. García Díaz/ R. Hardenberg/M. Melles, Landscape Use and Transhumance in Sierra Morena through the Ages. In: M. Bartelheim/F. Contreras Cortés/R. Hardenberg (eds.), Landscapes as Resource Assemblages in the Bronze Age of Southern Spain. RessourcenKulturen 17 (Tübingen, 2022).