Credit Accreditation

Please inform us in case you attended a taxation course abroad. You should contact the Examinations Office (1.) first and afterwards write an E-Mail to us (2.).

  1. General information concerning the accreditation of credits earned during your studies abroad you'll find in this leaflet provided by the Examinations Office. Learning Agreement
  2. Please send an updated transcript of records from the University of Tübingen and the documents specified in the leaflet of the Examinations Office (point 4) to Ms. Nickel (carola.nickelspam

Only credits earned from the third semester onwards can be accredited. Please note that the course 'B250 Externes Rechnungswesen' cannot be replaced by a course attended abroad.

Letter of recommendation

If you need a letter of recommendation (application semester abroad, master studies or scholarship) please send us an email indicating which of our courses (title and semester) you attended and including an updated transcript of records.

The recommendation will mainly contain the statement:
"I know Ms/Mr XYZ from my class in xxx at the University of Tübingen. Given her/his grade point average and her/his performance in my courses, I can confirm that Ms/Mr XYZ belongs to the top xxx% of our students."

The statement is based on your relative grade. In the grade statistics below, you'll find the relative grades of your attended courses.
We try to provide your letter of recommendation as fast as possible. Please consider that due to vacation, illness or further enquiry it might take a bit longer to issue your recommendation. Therefore, please write us as soon as possible. Usually, we provide a letter of recommendation within 10 days. In particular cases, it might take up to four weeks to provide you recommendation.

Grade statistics