Proseminar: Intelligent Internet of Things

Study Program Level: B.Sc.
This proseminar involves searching literates, learning new concepts, and developing new ideas on the crossroad of the internet of things and machine learning/artificial intelligence. Each student chooses one topic from the given list. He/she does a literature search on the selected topic and summarizes the understandings in a report (eight pages). Finally, the student holds a presentation (approximately 20 minutes) to inform other participants about the research. Active participation in the sessions is necessary.
The projects' topics belong to the following areas (All in connection with artificial intelligence and machine learning):

  1. Basics of IoT
  2. IoT Architecture
  3. IoT Connectivity
  4. IoT Enabling Technologies
  5. IoT Challenges
  6. IoT Applications

Qualification Goals:
After the lectures, the students have basic knowledge of the application field Internet of Things, with an emphasis on its intersection with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Besides, they can independently explore scientific papers concerning a specific topic, select the most relevant ones, study, and summarize the findings in a written report. Moreover, they can present, criticize, and discuss cutting-edge research scientifically.
Type: Proseminar
Frequency: Every Winter Semester
Credit: 3 ECTS
Registration: via ILIAS

Important Remarks:
1. This proseminar has a limited capacity. Registration follows a first-come-first-served basis, which is managed automatically by the queuing system of ILIAS.
2. The language of instruction is English. The students can hold presentations and write the report in German.
3. It is recommended to have basic knowledge of machine learning (e.g., INF3151) and communication networks (e.g., INF3331).
4. The proseminar is graded based on the quality of the final presentation (20 minutes) and the report (eight pages).