Interfaculty Institute of Microbiology and Infection Medicine

How to participate

  • find a Ph.D. position in one of the IGIM Departments
  • get accepted as Ph.D. student in the Faculty of Science
  • contact the IGIM coordination office for further information and get the registration form­
  • complete the registration form and send it back to the coordination office (CO)
  • get your Promotionslogbuch which contains information about the IGIM, lists for the documentation of activities and the supervision agreement
  • sign the supervision agreement together with your supervisor and send it back to the CO
  • participate in activities and collect the required credit points
  • in the end send your filled documentation of supervision meetings and verifications of your activities to the CO
  • complete your doctoral degree
  • receive your IGIM Certificate


Program/Credit Points of the IGIM

Doctoral students in the field of infection biology/microbiology (virology, parasitology, bacteriology, etc.) obtaining a doctoral degree from the Faculty of Science (Dr. rer. nat.) or the Faculty of Medicine (Dr. med., Dr. sc. hum., PhD) of the University of Tübingen are cordially invited to join our program and participate in the activities of the IGIM.

Successful participants of our program will receive a certificate and a diploma supplement for their activities after finishing their doctoral studies.

In order to obtain an IGIM Certificate, the following requirements have to be fulfilled in addition to the doctoral thesis.
One ECTS corresponds to a workload of 25-30 working hours. One working hour corresponds to 45 minutes.

Envisaged doctoral degree Requirements for the certificate  
Dr. med.

6 Credit Points

Dr. rer. nat, Dr. sc. hum., PhD

18 Credit Points


The required Credit Points (CP) can be earned in three different categories. The Credit Points are calculated according to the guidlines of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). The students are responsible for keeping records of all courses, seminars and meetings they have attended in their "Promotionslogbuch".

Category   Dr. med.   Others Example
Compulsory activities   1.5 CP   4 CP Progress reports/doctoral student seminar with presentations (3CP)
Regular participation at the Grad School (1CP) Day
Scientific skills   2.5-4.5 CP   4-10 CP

Scientific courses, seminares, lectures, etc. in the field of infection biology/microbiology and other fields (biochemistry, immunology, etc.)

Complementary skills   1-2 CP   4-10 CP

Scientific writing, writing proposals, poster/oral presentations, patents, time/project management, etc.

Total   6 CP   18 CP