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Infection research in Tübingen

Site visit of the Federal Mister for Research Anja Karliczek at the University of Tübingen (28.06.2021)

Short overview of infection research at the University of Tübingen

Antibiotic and Microbiome Research I Tübingen

Tübingen Science Day (02.07.2021)

Andreas Peschel and Heike Brötz-Oesterhelt explain to the public: 

- the relevance of our microbiome,

- the threat of antibiotic resistance and 

- the research concepts of the Excellence Cluster CMFI and the TRR261.


Mode of action-informed producer strain screening (en)

New antibiotic from human nose

Nature Reviews Microbiology

Nature Reviews Drug Discovery

Science Translational Medicine

Lugdunin als Molecule of the week bei der American Chemical Society (ACS) -Neue Antibiotikaklasse entdeckt in der Nase Neuer Wirkstoff Lugdunin: Ein Antibiotikum aus der Nase

New antibiotics and antibiotic crisis

Attempto 40/2016: The search for new antibiotics
Gesundheitsindustrie Baden-Württemberg
"Experten warnen vor Antibiotika-Krise"Press release of the German Medical Association (Bundesärztekammer); Video: "Neue Antiinfektiva zur Therapie mikrobieller und viraler Infektionen"
Gegen resistente Keime: Universitäten Stuttgart, Tübingen und Ulm gemeinsam an Weiterentwicklung - New antibiotics lead to bacterial suicide
Press release University of Duesseldorf
Press release University of Bonn



Animation of ADEP-induced conformational changes within ClpP (the sequence of movements is hypothetical).
Image courtesy of Hyun Kyu Song (University of Korea)

IMIT / SFB - Bakterielle Zellhülle





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