Interfaculty Institute of Microbiology and Infection Medicine

Group members of the Dept. Infection Biology

All rooms are located Auf der Morgenstelle 28.

Phone numbers start with 0049 7071 29 ...

Name/E-Mail Telefonnummer Funktion
Augsburger, Vera 75938


Bauer-Haffter, Gisela 75934 Coordination IGIM
Beck, Christian 75937 Ph.D. student
Becker, Janna 75937 Ph. D. student
Binder, Daniela 78855 Administrative Office
Hirt, Cosima 75937 Technician
Kengmo Tchoupa, Arnaud 75937 Post doc
Kraus, Dirk 75488 Manager Cluster of Excellence CMFI
Kretschmer, Dorothee 75937 Team leader
Krismer, Bernhard 74640 Team leader
Krusche, Janes 75936 Ph.D. student
Lebtig, Marco 75937 Ph.D. student
Mößner, Jens 74640 Ph.D. student
Peschel, Andreas 75935 Professor, Head of department
Redel, Ulrike 75936 Technician
Schultz, Silke 75934 Office Cluster of Excellence CMFI
Schulze, Lukas 74640 Ph.D. student
Sekar, Sharmila 74636 Ph.D. student
Slavetinsky, Chris 75936

Ph.D. student

Walde, Gerti 77618 Scullery