Institute of Sociology

WiFi Network

WiFi Access

For further information on the available network protokolls (802.1x, VPN, guests) please refer to the website of our IT-Department.

Support for student notebooks

There is a special notebook-service ("Genius Bar") operated by the EDP-department (Wächterstraße 76). Support is offered on WiFi configuration, data rescue operations, OS installation, virus protection etc. The staff sthere is dedicated to find a solution to just any problem around computing.

You will find a second Genius Bar right in the central university library (UB). However, there they can only offer support on WiFi configuration problems.

You can find the openinge hours of the Genius-Bar in both the EDP-department and the university libarary right here:

Additionally you can find a FAQ for general support at:

You can reach the Genius-Bar-Team by phone: 07071-29-70272.
The general EPD-hotline is availabel under 07071-29-70250.

You might contact our IT-staff at the department of sociology: